The Voice - Blind Audition

I can honestly say that this has been the longest wait of my life—but so worth it! I have been on the brink of exploding with excitement. Thanks for sticking with me through the last few weeks of blind auditions; the anticipation got all of us! It is such an honor to share this spectacular experience with all of you.

Just to have the opportunity to audition for The Voice was amazing. There was something so fulfilling about standing on that stage, just me and my guitar surrounded by lights and a sea of faces. This is what I was born to do. Having Cee Lo and Blake turn their chairs around—my heart almost jumped out of my chest. That’s when I realized this wasn’t just a moment of excitement—it was the beginning of a much larger experience. 

I am overwhelmed with the amount of support I have received from family, friends, and fans. I hope you’ll come along with me on this musical journey—it’s so much bigger than this competition.  “It’s in [my] blood to be a country singer” I feel so honored to have had Blake say this. As a country artist, I have taken this to heart and have gained even more drive and ambition to further my musical career! God is so good!

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 “Where do you get your inspiration from?” This is one seriously loaded question—and people ask it all the time. It’s easy to ask, but it could take days to answer fully. Where does my inspiration come from? I’m inspired by faith, love, hope, fear, desire, and every other emotion I come to feel. I’m inspired by nearly everything that my eyes can see and that my brain can comprehend. Inspiration is all around me, whether I choose to recognize it or not.

Nature inspires me. Inspiration is in the warmth of the summer sun; in the wind that carries a cluster of leaves in the fall, in the unique formation of every snowflake that makes its descent from the sky in the winter, and in every flower that blooms in the spring. Nature is such an incredible source of inspiration—because I can’t begin to understand the intricacy of each little part, working together to make the incredible world we live in.

People inspire me. The knowledge, creativity, and persistence that goes into every new man-made creation, every technological advance, and every scientific breakthrough, can become a basis for inspiration. Take Video Chat for example. What in the world? I’m here, you’re there…but somehow we can see and hear each other like we are talking face to face. When I really think about how amazing this is—it blows my mind!

When I see what’s around me, and what others are doing, I realize that there are no limitations to the music that I can create.

For a moment, take a step back and think of all the “little things” that are around you every day. There is so much around us that we tend to mindlessly accept—but really thinking can make us realize how amazing life really is! 

Inspiration is everything. Inspiration is you. 


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How I Started Playing Music

Growing up I always had a love for sports. I played everything from basketball, football, baseball, and everything in between. I even had aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player at one point in time. That being said, I had never stepped into the world of music. I was in choir in elementary school (because it was a required class), and quite honestly I hated it at the time! However, I did audition for singing roles in our school plays, but never once got even the smallest singing solo. I basically had no musical skills whatsoever before junior high. So hopefully this next half of the story will encourage you and you will see that there's truly nothing that is impossible. 

I went to church camp when I was 12, about to turn 13. Jesus completely wrecked my life (in an awesome way) and I have never been the same since. The school year after the camp, I told my parents I wanted to home school so I could go to the church everyday and help my youth pastor with anything he needed. My parents, being the amazing people that they are, totally supported me and allowed me to do just that. After serving faithfully for about a year, a new opportunity arose when the church decided to put together a youth band. When they announced that they were holding tryouts, it instantly stuck in my mind. I knew I had no music abilities, but still I felt like I was supposed to audition. I was always the quite kid in the back of the room, too shy to approach people and obviously too shy to get on a stage in front of a crowd of people! But I followed my heart where God was leading me. I walked up onto the stage and sang Here I Am To Worship. That was the first time I found my voice. And it's so unbelievable to me how far God has brought me. He has opened so many doors for me and I am truly humbled and blessed to be doing what I do. Music instantly became my greatest passion in life, and it grows stronger with each and every breath. I'm not where I am by my own doing. I give Jesus all the credit and praise. 

Remember, nothing is impossible! Allow God to direct you and you will live with purpose and your heart will be full of joy. 

God Bless,
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Behind the Song - Lemonade Sunday

My first radio single off the Country Enough EP is titled Lemonade Sunday. In this blog, I want to give you a "behind the scene" look of the writing process and how the song came to be! 

Many times in my writing process I write songs "from the title". This basically means, I will have a title for the song before I even write any other lyrics or music. This form of writing has been a really great exercise tool that has taken my songwriting to a whole new level. 

That being said, the title "Lemonade Sunday" was given to me along with about 7 others by my mentor. A couple days later I finished writing all of the songs from the titles, and Lemonade Sunday was the one that really stuck out from the rest. After my initial write, I made a couple small lyric changes on the chorus. The line "me and this guitar" was something like "swinging from the porch" before the re-write. It definitely helped the song have a better flow and to become more catchy. 

I had the song written for about 2 or 3 months before I got in the studio to record it. The recording process for the whole EP was totally out of the blue and unplanned. I got a small role in a movie that kept me in Nashville for a couple months. So it didn't take me very long to decide to work on an EP during all my down time on the film. I was in the studio for about 7 days spanning over about 3 weeks of time. It was a great experience and I had a ton of fun creating the project! I plan on releasing some new music for you soon!

Stay tuned,

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Recent Shows

Last week was a great one! I had my very first online concert hosted by Keepin' it Country Blog on, and it was a blast! Hopefully you we're able to attend and got to hear me play my new song "Miracle" for the very first time. If you didn't make it, hopefully you can next time! ;)

I also had another very special show last week. I performed at a fund raiser event for a new film in pre-production called 8 Days. I'm so humbled to be a part of a project that is boldly shining the light on the hard issue of human trafficking and putting action into motion to stop this heinous crime. You too can show your support with your prayers, and by sharing about about 8 Days film (via twitter, Facebook, email, text, etc.) to get the word out. You can also make a monetary donation to help get the film off the ground. You can find all of the information to get involved at

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Have a blessed week!

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New Site, New Blog

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're enjoying the brand new site layout. I'm super excited about all the cool things going on in my career/life and I want to personally keep YOU in the loop! So that being said, I will be posting a new blog every 2 weeks. So please visit the site frequently so you can stay in the know and up to date on everything that's going on!

Last week I went on a trip to Nashville with my good friend Nick Lokken, and had an absolute blast! I had the opportunity to play 3 shows during our visit and got to meet a ton of awesome people (quite possibly you!). It's always amazing getting to return to music city to visit friends and to jump back into the networking pool of other aspiring artists/musicians. The atmosphere in Nashville is unexplainable, and the incredible talent that resides there is truly unbelievable. After returning home from a great week, I feel extremely inspired and creative. I can't wait to start putting my thoughts and emotions to music so I can share it with you!

P.S. If you have any topics you want me to cover on future blogs, or any questions you want answered, then please leave a comment bellow and I will do my best to implement them!

God Bless,
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