Behind the Song - Lemonade Sunday

My first radio single off the Country Enough EP is titled Lemonade Sunday. In this blog, I want to give you a "behind the scene" look of the writing process and how the song came to be! 

Many times in my writing process I write songs "from the title". This basically means, I will have a title for the song before I even write any other lyrics or music. This form of writing has been a really great exercise tool that has taken my songwriting to a whole new level. 

That being said, the title "Lemonade Sunday" was given to me along with about 7 others by my mentor. A couple days later I finished writing all of the songs from the titles, and Lemonade Sunday was the one that really stuck out from the rest. After my initial write, I made a couple small lyric changes on the chorus. The line "me and this guitar" was something like "swinging from the porch" before the re-write. It definitely helped the song have a better flow and to become more catchy. 

I had the song written for about 2 or 3 months before I got in the studio to record it. The recording process for the whole EP was totally out of the blue and unplanned. I got a small role in a movie that kept me in Nashville for a couple months. So it didn't take me very long to decide to work on an EP during all my down time on the film. I was in the studio for about 7 days spanning over about 3 weeks of time. It was a great experience and I had a ton of fun creating the project! I plan on releasing some new music for you soon!

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