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MARCH 3, 2014 by SANDY LO (

Half Full Magazine: How excited are you for your debut single, “One” to come out next week?
Brandon Chase: Oh, I am so excited! I’ve been waiting for a long time to release it and really, even before we had it all recorded and ready for release, I’ve been excited and anticipating the day I release the single to radio. So I’m super excited.
HF: Can you tell us what the song is about?
BC: The song is about saying ‘give me one chance to win you over’. It’s just kind of one of those hopeless romantic songs. It’s just saying, ‘let me take you out and let’s have a good night and I think I can persuade you to fall for me if you just give me that one chance’.
HF: What was your experience like on The Voice?
BC: It was something totally different than anything else I’ve ever done. There were times it was extremely stressful and times there was just intense pressure. But at the same time, there was so much excitement. The excitement kind of outweighed everything else and made all the stress and worrying worth it. It was such a cool, unique experience.
HF: Now would you say it was hard to go back to your normal, everyday life after that experience or has a part of your life still stayed the same?
BC: You know, at first when I got back home, it was kind of weird for a little bit. You’re there a whole lot longer than it seems like you are on TV. I was in L.A. for about three months at one time, right before the blind audition. I only came home for a couple of weeks, I think, if that, in between then and the battles. The battles and knock-outs, you know, I was there the whole time. So I wasn’t home very much and I was just used to being in that hotel and we were on lock-down the whole time. We couldn’t go anywhere, we couldn’t do anything other than walk across the street to the same three or four restaurants. So that was kind of my life for several months. Once I got back home, I had the freedom, but at the same time, it was totally weird. I was so used to being in the hotel room, coming downstairs, going to the pool, or going to vocal lessons. That was the extent of our days. It was definitely weird coming back home for the first little bit.
HF: I’m sure! Do you get to keep in touch with Blake Shelton at all?
BC: I have a couple of ways to contact him. I haven’t been in touch with him since the show. I’ve been kind of waiting on the right opportunity.
HF: Do you see yourself working on a song together in the future?
BC: I would love that if he would ever be down for that. I would definitely love that.
HF: Since your season ended, how have the fans stuck with you?
BC: They totally have just been continuing to support me almost as if I had won the show. They send me tweets and messages and all that kind of stuff, you know? They didn’t really seem to even care that I am no longer on the show. They just continue to support me and send me messages about how my music touches them, and all that kind of stuff. It’s really cool.
HF: I heard when you were a baby you had stopped breathing sixty-four times and how the doctors predicted you would have serious impairments. How has that shaped who you are now as an adult?
BC: For me, I hold onto it as just one of those moments where I can’t doubt the power of God in my life. I can’t doubt that I’m here for a purpose. I have a reason for being here. It kind of shaped me in a way that I just want to be an encouragement to other people. I want to show people that anything is possible. When the chips are stacked up against you, don’t listen to the doctors or teachers or even family that tries to tell you you can’t do something. If you have a desire in your heart and you believe it’s what you’re supposed to do, then you can absolutely do it no matter what the odds are against you. I feel like I’m a living testimony of that. I just hold onto that. We’re all here for a reason. We all have a specific purpose in life. If we chase after that dream and just go after it, no obstacle can stop us if we don’t let it.
HF: That’s a great way to look at it! I’m sure there’s an album in the works for sometime this year, hopefully?
BC: Yes. We are working on it. We’re about one-third of the way done. I’m hoping to have it out by the beginning of summer, but at the very latest before summer is over.
HF: Do you have any tour dates coming up so people can see you live?
BC: Yes, I do. I’m at playing Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on March 14th. Then I’m playing with my friends from The Voice from last season, Austin Jenckes and Brian Pounds on March 22nd at Queens City Music Hall in Fort Worth. I’m excited about it!
HF: For my last question… you are actually our debut interview for our launch.
BC: Oh, cool! Awesome. I’m honored.
HF: We’re honored to have you. Our motto is to live life with a half full attitude. So we want to know what’s your advice to our readers for living that way?
BC: I love y’all’s concept, by the way, just to let you know. I think that’s really great. Congratulations on starting this up and I hope it will be a great success for y’all.
HF: Oh, thank you! I really appreciate that.
BC: In any situation and really any thing in our life, we can look at it in two different ways–hence the concept of half full or half empty. Either way you look at it, the situation is still the same. It’s not going to change, but your mindset towards it can change. It can take you toward a different outcome in the end. If you look at things positively and you try to pull the best out of each and every obstacle or situation you’re facing, you can turn whatever is in front of you around for good–make it into good. And the same way if you look at it negatively, you can make it even worse. For example, The Voice–I didn’t make the live rounds or I didn’t win the show, and I could have looked at that negatively and make me feel like I’m not a good enough singer or something like that. I took it for the good that it was and I just pressed forward and realized I was good enough to be on the show, and that was awesome. That made me want to do better and do more to prove myself and be the best I can be regardless of how the outcome of the show played out. It didn’t control my end destination. So yeah, I don’t know if that kind of answers your question a little bit? [Laughs]
HF: That’s perfect! That’s better than any answer I could think of, so I appreciate that! Thank you so much for the interview. Good luck with the single and the album, and I’m sure you’re going to do well with this.
BC: Awesome, thank you so much!

Digital Rodeo

1. In the last year what is the one thing you accomplished you were surprised by?
Performing my music on national television. (NBC's The Voice)

2. In the upcoming year what are your top three goals musically that you want to accomplish?
First full length record, getting a song on the radio, and my first nation-wide tour.
3. What is your guilty pleasure when you get off a tour?
When I'm gone for any amount of time, I usually start to miss my car. So when I get home, I love taking it out for spin to curb my need for speed.
4. What is your current challenge personally you are pushing yourself to achieve?
Well my New Years Resolution was to "Live Life Loud" in 2014. So I'm really trying to go with the flow, take chances, and dream big.
5. Who would be your “dream artist” to do an opening act for and why?
Keith Urban. He's my biggest musical influence, he's crazy/insanely talented in his performing, writing, singing, and of course his guitar playing. Also, I've heard he's just a really great guy personally.
6. Who was your most influential artist in your early years?
My early years in music consisted mostly of Contemporary Christian. And my biggest influence when I started singing was Anthony Evans. (You've probably never heard of him, but I think that's what makes it kinda cool :)
7. Do you have hobbies that keep you busy when you are not on the road/in studio?
Well somehow I became my friends and family's "go-to guy" when it comes to computer problems, website building, video editing, and creating graphics. So I spend many hours in Photoshop and Final Cut.
8. What is at the top of your bucket list besides music?
I've had the privilege to get to tandem skydive. But I would really love to skydive without an instructor some day!
9. Do you have a “lucky charm” you carry on stage or a routine for good luck you do before you go onstage?
I almost always wear a necklace that I got on one of my trips to Israel. I consider a sort of "lucky charm", because it symbolizes a lot for me.
10. What is your favorite comfort food?
Tex-Mex has been hands down my family's favorite food since before I can even remember. I love it and it always makes me feel at home.
11. Current project you are promoting (SINGLE – TOUR – CD etc) and what are you most excited about it??
My very first radio single "One" is being released on March 4! I'm so excited about this song for many reasons. One, of course being that it is a taste of what's to come from the rest of my debut album. Also, I'm just so satisfied with the production and the team that I have around me to support and promote it like crazy!

AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ)

Brandon Chase knew God’s voice was THE Voice

Country music artist Brandon Chase is nothing shy of a miracle. At only a few days old, he quit breathing 64 times in 12 hours. Doctors told his family Brandon could be deaf, blind, mentally impaired, or possibly all three. But not only did Brandon pull through, he went on to graduate high school at the age of 15. Brandon taught himself how to play the piano and guitar and has been writing original music since age 14. He ultimately completed a masters certificate in songwriting from Berklee College of Music at age 17.

After SHINE where he was a finalist for Overall Singer/Songwriter, Brandon was featured on iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” and “Rising Stars of Country” section, following the release of his latest EP
Country Enough. But his most visible achievement was appearing multiple times on Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice as a member of Blake Shelton’s team. While eliminated, the experience was life-changing, especially when Shelton told Brandon “it’s in your blood to be a country singer.”
AMTC: Brandon, how did everything start with you?
Brandon: Prior to age 14 I had no music background at all. When I was 13, God totally changed my life at youth camp. All the dreams I had up to that point kind of shifted. I had wanted to be a professional athlete, but God revealed that it wasn’t what He had planned. So I let go of that, overnight. I came home, told my parents that I wanted to be homeschooled and to intern at church, and that’s what I did for 2 years: filed papers; took out the trash; whatever they asked me to do I did it. Through that process I learned about being obedient and serving.
The youth worship team was having auditions for the band. I had no musical background whatsoever, but I felt God tugging and saying ‘this is for you’ and, ‘I’ve designed this and you can do this.’ I was like, “WHAT? how can I do this?”
Being extremely shy, I was definitely not ready to be on a stage. I tried to get friends to do it with me, but I couldn’t convince a single person. I wanted badly to skip out. I didn’t know why I was thinking I was supposed to do this. Up until I walked on stage I didn’t even know what I was going to do! I kept telling people to go ahead of me, waiting until the last moment.
I got up and sang. And whatever came out, the worship leader saw something in me. It wasn’t necessarily my voice, but probably the spirit of God in me. I was there in obedience, and I knew instantly that it was what God had called me to. I jumped into it. I learned how to sing, play the piano, write music, play the guitar, and now produce. It all opened up and it was all from that one step of obedience. I never thought that I would possibly be able to do that, but He taught me so much.
AMTC: What is He still teaching you?
Brandon: So much. Still learning. Still growing. I don’t think you can ever come to a place where you know everything. Like in music—there’s always something new to learn. Things constantly change and evolve. New technologies come out. And it’s like that in our spiritual walk. We can never learn it all. You can know word for word the whole bible, but you can never know it all because our God is so huge. We can’t even begin to fathom ½ of the knowledge and wisdom.
AMTC: Tell me what you learned at AMTC. How was your experience?
Brandon: I was 17 when I came to AMTC. Up until that point I knew I was called to music. I knew that is what God had chosen for me. But I didn’t know what outlet exactly until AMTC. My experience was so incredible.
Up ‘til then all I knew was worship music. I thought “this is the extent of my gift.” Going through AMTC, God totally laid everything out in front of me and said, “Yes, you’re on the right track. Yes, I called you to music, but you haven’t seen the full picture yet. Here it is.”
He showed me, through AMTC that He’s called me to reach people who would never set foot in a church. And that was huge. At the time I put limits on what I could be doing, and I think we all do this. God’s plan is so much bigger than ours.
I try to not even set up expectations anymore….like
The Voice . At the time I was thinking “this is going to be the biggest thing in my career.” But God is saying, ‘No, The Voice was a tool, it was the start, but it was just one thing.” It’s a little stroke with a paintbrush on the full canvas.
AMTC: What has The Voice opened for you?
Brandon: Just like AMTC, it gave me a new confidence. A new perspective. Of course, AMTC is getting to be with like-minded people, with fellowship and learning and counsel in your craft in a spiritual way that glorifies God. The experience at The Voice was kind of like being in the opposite environment, but I got to apply all the things that I learned in the positive environment from AMTC.
AMTC: You actually got to come back to SHINE as a Guest Star. What was that like?
Brandon: I sat on a panel where they were talking about LA and how dark it is. During that discussion God showed me that the whole world is dark. This isn’t our eternal place. This is our mission field, our battle field. The whole world is a war zone, not just a particular city or job environment. But we have Jesus inside of us. He is the Light, no matter where we walk, even in the darkest of places. When we walk in we should be saying “this place isn’t dark! All I see is light.” He is shining through us. That’s what God revealed to me.
Getting to be a light in the darkness. That’s what we’re doing. That’s why this convention is called SHINE.
AMTC: What are you going to do when you get home? And where is ‘home’ now?
Brandon: I was born and raised in Dallas and am still in Dallas at the moment. But I’m working on my first full length record in Nashville and the country market is in Nashville, professionally speaking, so I may move there. I’m a country artist and it’s where God steered me. Looking back, my roots were country, so God showed me it was in me the whole time. That’s another way I saw that you don’t set your own path. God sets it. You don’t even realize what He’s doing in the moment until after.
AMTC: What about Christian Country? There’s Christian pop, Christian rock…
Brandon: Country is really different from the other genres. Most country artists claim to be Christians. Not all of them live like they should. People say, and it’s kind of a joke, but country music is: Jesus, Drinking and Partying. So it’s kind of interesting. Almost every country artist will sing about their faith. Not all will live it out. It’s not as clear cut. It’s just “country.”
AMTC: So you won’t be writing about drinking?
Brandon: (laughs) Exactly. That’s not in my music at all. There are a lot of songs that to me are directly about God, but as a non-believer you wouldn’t know it. You could think it’s about a girl, or a place, but what it’s really about is God. It’s reading beyond what’s written, and that’s what God has called me to do, to speak covertly.
He’s called us all to excellence. Some are called to the pulpit, others are called to speak through music, so God will resonate in hearts in a way that another song that has nothing to do with God can’t. When God’s attached to it, a listener may feel something completely different, whether they recognize it or not. It’s God speaking and planting seeds. And then there’s a harvest to be reaped.
AMTC: On life’s path there are always bumps and twists. How has your path been?
Brandon: There are always obstacles to overcome, whether you’re a believer or not, and I think that’s one of the greatest opportunities to be a witness. When you’re going through the storm and it’s a make or break, or everything gets flushed down the drain, people watch, especially in the entertainment industry. People know. When things start coming your way, when things start happening to you in different situations they see how you react to it. We need to handle things as Christ-like as possible. I mean we’re all human. We’re all going to make mistakes of course, but as long as we do our best to look and act like Christ.
AMTC: What about personal challenges?
Brandon: When I was born I was supposed to be blind, deaf, mentally impaired—any of those things from losing so much oxygen. But God used that as a moment that I can talk about now. It’s a witness to people. It was one of those undeniable miracles because of everything we know in the medical field. I’ve also had several other close calls, near death experiences, that God has just worked through.
A smaller thing was when I first started going through AMTC. I was criticized by my church. They didn’t understand and didn’t believe in my journey of being called to the secular industry. I wrestled with that because I looked up to my leaders and wasn’t sure if I was hearing things wrong. It was one of those slaps in the face. I had put years in that ministry, and I was just being obedient to God. But I knew God was speaking to me and His voice was louder than man’s voice. I knew it wasn’t just my thoughts and desires. Looking back, had I not been spiritually strong, it could have been a situation that I turned my back on the church, because they weren’t supportive of what I wanted to do for the Kingdom.
It’s actually a great testimony. Through our journey there are always people who are going to come in and try to stir up doubts and disbelief, but as long as we listen to His voice and understand and recognize which voice is His, we’ll be okay.
AMTC: How do you stay spiritually strong?
Brandon: Through the people that God’s placed in my life. If I didn’t have the support system around me I would have fallen apart a million times over. My mom is one of the strongest rocks in my life. I have an incredible best friend for 8 years now. And AMTC. At different times and points in my my life, I’ve met mentors. God has brought them to me on this incredible journey. When I started doing something that was not right, they told me so. They didn’t hold back or comfort me. It was ‘what are you doing?’; getting me back on track, keeping me in line and accountable.
Also, having my own time in worship, in my own house, pulling out my guitar and giving Him praise. Not in front of people, but behind closed doors. That’s what it’s about, worshipping God. You can do it in front of a crowd, but if you can’t do it in your own time, then it’s most likely all in vain.
AMTC: How can you encourage people who want to go in the industry?
Brandon: When you know God has called you to it, to be in this world of entertainment, there’s going to be a desire and a passion that’s so strong in your heart that you can’t run away from it. You can’t get away from it – even if you wanted to. Everyone’s journey is different. We all have different paths. Some people have to give up everything, and others don’t. The most important thing for me is to keep working.
AMTC is amazing but coming out of it you can’t expect to have a career overnight. You can’t expect it to make you into something you’re not. That’s not why you should come to AMTC. It’s to train and learn and put yourself on your feet. You still have to go home and work. That’s where it all starts, when it’s real. When I got home I literally played in every single venue in Dallas and Nashville that would let me in. I just drove up to Nashville and booked 15 gigs in a week without anybody telling me to. I didn’t have a manager. I didn’t have an agent. I knew that I had to work because nobody was going to work for my career as hard as I was.
AMTC: So even with the callbacks you got, you didn’t have an agent?
Brandon: I had 26 callbacks but I hadn’t signed a contract. I knew that God was working for me so I had to work for Him. I had to meet Him at that level because He is always coming down to us. He’s always working for us. We’ll never be able to outwork Him.
So, I played in restaurants, small bars, coffee shops, anywhere! Sometimes the crowd was 50 to 100, or two to five people. Sometimes it was disappointing, but I had to remind myself that it wasn’t about the size of the crowd, or even about
what I was doing. I’m being obedient and through this I’m getting more experience and doing what I’m meant to do, regardless of what how it appears from a worldly view. As long as you’re doing everything you’re supposed to and you feel right in your spirit then you’re on God’s path. It’s not your problem that there are only five people in the crowd. That’s His problem. If there are only five people that He wants you to minister to at that gig, then there’s only five people!
We have to remember that we’re not doing it for our glorification, to become rich or famous or anything like that. We’re doing it to ultimately show Christ. If He wants to take us up to the top of the entertainment business, then He will. If He doesn’t and wants us to be in our local markets and our local coffee shops then that is equally important and equally big in the Kingdom, because as long as we look at things with a Kingdom mindset and not a worldly mindset then we’re set because success is different as a believer.

Keepin' It Country Blog

If you’ve visited the Rising Stars of Country section on iTunes, there’s a chance you’ve seen Brandon Chase. His new EP, Country Enough, is featured there alongside the likes of country’s hottest new names, Charlie Worsham, Joel Crouse, Parmalee and more. However, if you haven’t heard his music yet, it’s time we introduce you to this mega-talented Texan singer- songwriter.

KIC: For those readers who may be ‘meeting’ you for the first time in this blog, can you give us a little bit of a back story as to how you began performing?
BC: I started out my musical journey by singing in my church’s youth band when I was about 13/14. They had an audition to join the band, and for some reason, I just knew I had to try out. I went into it having absolutely no music experience other than beating on some drums. After making the band, I started teaching myself piano, which eventually led to guitar as well. I started writing worship songs for our youth band and found that I had a passion it. So I decided to major in songwriting in college which eventually evolved my writing into secular country songs. Now I’m performing all over town and loving every minute of it!

KIC: We read that you graduated high school at 15 and completed a master certificate for songwriting through Berklee at 18. What’s next?
BC: I actually graduated from Berklee at 17 believe it or not! But hopefully the next step in my life/career will be to tour the US and get the opportunity to meet all the amazing fans that I have had the pleasure to connect with through Facebook and Twitter.

KIC: You currently live in Texas, but your EP was made in Nashville. Do you have any plans to relocate to pursue your music?
BC: I’ve thought about this question quite a bit myself. I don’t currently have plans to relocate, because hopefully I’ll be on the road for the majority of my time. But if it came down to me needing to relocate, I’m definitely ready and willing to up and move!

KIC: What is the writing process like for your music? Where do you get your inspiration from?
BC: I would say I don’t really have a set writing process, or a specific place that I draw inspiration from. I love to write encouraging songs and especially songs that make girls in particular, feel beautiful and special. Sometimes I’ll get a cool lyric or melody out of the blue (usually while driving or in the shower!), and I’ll write it down and record it on my iPhone, then revisit it later with my guitar or piano to finish it.

KIC: You can play drums, piano, guitar – which is your favorite?
BC: Even though my first instrument was technically drums, I consider myself very amateur. I haven’t really even sat down behind a drum kit in years. It’s probably scary how bad I am! My next instrument was keys, and I truly love the sound of a sweet piano. Guitar was the last instrument I learned, but I feel like I’m just as proficient on it, if not more than on keys. To answer the question of which is my favorite, I prefer piano on slower, mellow songs. And I prefer guitar on upbeat, driving songs that I can really perform to.

KIC: You’ve performed as part of a church-based band (The All Out Band) and as a solo country artist. Which do you prefer?
BC: I definitely prefer the solo artist approach. I had a great experience and learned a lot while working with a band. It’s definitely fun to have a tight relationship with the musicians you play with. But it can become very difficult when you have 4 different musical opinions and everyone’s voice is equal. You have to come to many compromises to keep everyone happy.

KIC: iTunes has you listed as a rising star of country, alongside some big names – How does that feel?
BC: That is something that I’m so truly grateful for. It’s such an honor and it’s so humbling to know that someone with a voice in the business put that label on my music. It’s so rewarding and satisfying after working so hard to get your name out there, then finally getting noticed. And then to see that I’m next to some amazing artists that I listen to constantly on the radio and my iPod, is so exciting!

KIC: What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever written?
BC: My favorite song that’s recorded is probably “Most Beautiful Thing.” Because it’s so melodic and the message behind it really hits the core of what I want to relay as an artist.
Then there’s a new song that I can’t wait to share with the world titled “Miracle”, that tells a story of some complications that I faced as a baby and how I got to where I am today. It’s the most emotional and close to my heart song that I’ve ever written. Tears were shed on my guitar while I was writing it, and that was definitely a first for me. Sorry, but that’s all the info you get about it for now!

KIC: And what’s one song that you WISH you had written?
BC: Geez, there are literally sooo many amazing songs that I wish I had written. But based on songs that I’m currently really into, I would have to say I wish I wrote “Everybody” by Keith Urban.

KIC: You can tour with any two artists out there – who would you put on the bill?
BC: I would die if I could tour with Keith Urban and/or John Mayer. They are two of my biggest musical influences and they are both ridiculously talented on their instrument and incredible songwriters. They’re different genres, but I think it would be a cool mixture! I kinda like to think my style is kinda right in the middle of both of them.

KIC: What’s one thing you’d like our readers to take away from this interview?
BC: I’m truly in love with music. I don’t consider it a job, hobby, or anything else. It’s really just my life. And I’m so incredibly grateful to all the people that help me pursue my dream of being an artist by buying my record. I hope that you can be encouraged and uplifted through my songs. Also, I LOVE getting tweets and Facebook messages. They encourage me more than you know! So don’t be shy!

KIC Lightning Round:

All time favorite country song: So hard! But probably “Bless the Broken Road” because it’s one that I really connect with in a different way every time I hear it.

Dream Duet Partner: Guy: Keith Urban, John Mayer, or Gary LeVox (Rascal Flatts), Girl: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, or Taylor Swift (Why not. Haha)

Guilty Pleasure: Coconut and Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt and Oreo Ice Cream! Not at the same time though…

Favorite Easter Candy: I try not to eat too much candy. But those little marshmallow bunnies are pretty darn good!

Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere on a beach or the top of a ski resort! Two opposites, I know. But I can’t help it!

Twitter or Facebook: Twitter

Favorite song to cover: “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

Good Morning Texas

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